Bear With Me…

I have had a ridiculous amount of picture uploading/computer problems lately. As I type this I am sitting in a cabin (of sorts) in Lake Tahoe, so my internet service is going in and out. Maybe it’s a sign that when you are on vacation you should stay far away from work. I always ponder that thought, but it’s hard because I have so many great pictures from the past week. 

After spending several hours of my vacation time trying to get them posted, with no luck, I have decided to wait until I get home. So stay tuned for the next few days. I still have pics from The Police, The White Stripes, Layla 54 and Flugtag coming! In the meantime, I will continue climbing mountains, rafting, kayaking and hanging with my fam.  Hope you are having a great week; keep me posted if anything exciting happens around town!   


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