Did Carrie Hit Me in the Face?

carriesoftball.JPG If she did it was an accident, plus she was so sweet I wouldn’t tell. Yes of all my CMA Music Festival stories throughout the week, this one takes the cake.

I was at the City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge at Greer Stadium Thursday watching Carrie Underwood throw the ball, with a couple of other celeb’s. I have to admit, that girl has some strength! Apparently she used to be quite player in Middle School, which really wasn’t that long ago. She played the benefit for her first time, sporting her #45 jersey.

So yeah…I turned my head and bam something nailed my upper cheek so hard I wasn’t sure what happened (standing in the heat all day didn’t help). Next thing I know I look down to see a softball roll out of my arms. That’s when a sweet gal on the sidelines gasped, rushed over and insisted I get to the dugout immediately to regroup. Some of those automatic tears streamed down my cheeks, but I was trying to keep that under wraps with my sunglasses.

I was escorted to the dugout and EMS was called. That’s when Carrie unexpectedly rushed in. She reached behind me, grabbed a blue skull handkerchief and wrapped a handful of ice with it. I was definitely in pain, but that didn’t stop me from thinking, “Sweet- Carrie Underwood is my ice gal!” I jokingly asked her if she threw the ball that ended up leaving me with a pretty bruise, but she didn’t think so. I told her either way I wouldn’t tell (I was just relieved she didn’t have that Louisville slugger).

By the time I started grasping what was happening, I thought you know maybe I should try to get hit more often at big events. I ended up in the celeb dugout with a bunch of big stars taking care of me. Thanks ya’ll! I’ll keep a better eye out for flying objects next time.


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