The Police Superfans!

coverpolice.jpg When I first started traveling with bands I thought the fans that came early, stayed late and bought every new piece of merch was a “crazyfan.” I soon learned they weren’t crazy they were “superfans.” Super on so many different levels…super obsessed, super ecstatic and the like, but most importantly they are super for supporting the band.

If it weren’t for the superfans there may not be music. They are the one’s that gather their last pennies to drive across the world to see a band they truly love. They come early, pay admission, buy merch and they stay late with the tiniest bit of anticipation that they may just come in arms reach of the band or maybe even talk to them. The superfans sometimes come bearing gifts for the band; they are often the inspiration that keeps the group going.

I ran in to a few superfans of The Police at Bonnaroo. Some staked out spots six hours in advance of the show. Check them out in the video HERE! There is also a clip of one of my favorite bands, Old Crow Medicine Show, and details on the death at Bonnaroo.

police2.jpg I will say that I was pretty hopped up about seeing The Police, I mean come on Sting is a handsome man with incredible skills. My favorite part of the show was going to the front row, with about a hundred other media outlets, to snap pic’s. I have honestly never seen so many media folks in the photo pit.

sting.jpg I had to pause between frames and just enjoy the fact that if I really wanted to I could jump up and touch Sting. He wasn’t in my car or home speakers, but right freakin’ there. After my three songs of glory I had to move back with the other 10′s of thousands of bonnaroo fans. It just wasn’t the same.

police.jpg I think the show would have been much more enjoyable in an arena style setting, or heck The Ryman would be ideal. Did you catch the show? What did you think?


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