7cover1.jpg So was your Saturday as lucky as you had hoped? I didn’t hear of anyone winning the lottery, but everyone was sure hoping for a little luck on the lucky numbered day.

I checked out a 7 Deadly Sins party (photo of some News 2 folks). Doesn’t Amy look great in that gold lamet?!?! It was fun hanging with wrath, vanity, sloth and the like. Can you name all 7?

I also bought 7 lucky 7 scratch off tickets and hit $27! It’s not a fortune, but I’ll take it.

Chances are that you will not see the date again, considering it only happens once every hundred years. That’s why so many people chose the date to tie to the knot. In town wedding venues were booked over a year in advance! I even ran into a lucky 7 couple. Check out my story HERE! Yes, I put on a vail at the end (creepy)!

The cards were aligned for one of my sisters (pictured). It just so happened to be her birthday!


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