Back from Tahoe~

tahoegirls.jpg I am back from a much needed vacation with my family. Yes, we were in Lake Tahoe during the fire. Fortunatley we were staying about thirty minutes from the blaze so we weren’t really effected. I did however pass the flames soon after they broke out.


I snapped some pics on my cell phone (see pic), because I have never seen anything like that so close. We literally drove right past the flames. Come nighttime, the blaze had spread and smoke billowed over the lake making the mountains hard to see (see picture). It was a surreal situation and absolutely devastating for those that live in the area.


My trip consisted of lots of activity; hiking, biking, kayaking, rafting and hanging on the “beach.” There was sand and when the wind blew waves were created in the water. The water, melted snow,  was very cold but also extremely clear. The view of the snow capped mountains, crystal clear water and pine trees was priceless.

At first, the trip felt a bit like boot camp. My mom, being the health nut she is, made sure we were active. I am proud to say that I biked 11 miles! Whoo-hoo. That’s a lot for someone that hasn’t biked in over a year. I had a hard time walking the next day. There was also no TV and no cell phone access form the home we stayed in. It was a nice break!



My little sis arrived Wednesday night and the next few days were much more relaxing. We even got pedicures in the small 14,000 person town known as Truckee (where we stayed).


The best part of the trip was just being with my family. I know the days of giggling with my sister won’t be as plentiful when she moves to L.A. in August.

Awhh…I want to go back.


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