Oh The Days of Studio 54…

54cover.jpg…the days of careless partying madness! Actually, I have no clue because I wasn’t there. I have however, seen the pic’s and read the stories. Layl’a Ultra Lounge attempted to relive those days with Layl’a 54.

Now of course the illegal paraphernalia and madness didn’t exist at their party, but there was at least one nearly nude gal. Sulivan posed alongside several suitors in her bronze spray paint. I caught her hanging with Poets & Pornstars. The band from L.A. opened for Tesla at the Ryman the following night. I left that pic small out of respect for the young readers, but she does have on pasties. Update: I blacked out the private spots.

Sulivan wasn’t the only brave partygoers, one gal sported her roller-skates all night. She got a little help from event planner Deanna Bruton on the dance floor. Oh what fun!

…and speaking of that dance floor, someone got the bright idea of spraying whip cream all over the place, making the floor more like a Slip ‘n’ Slide.

The staff dressed to impress, as usual, with over the top wigs and get-ups that would blend them right in to the Studio 54 era.

I pulled out my signature black wig. I am always looking for an excuse to feel a little undercover.

Local entrepreneur Austin Ray was barely recognizable in his rimmed glasses and I walked right past V.I.P hostess with the mostest Layla, thanks to her blonde afro. Kelby of Bang Bang Bang was also incognito dancing with a black wigged gal in the corner of the VIP area. I have to give a shout out to my pals Cullen and Jeremy, the two celebrated their birthday on the same night.








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