The Circus Comes to Lot 7!

Transcend Thursdays has taken over Lot 7, promising different entertainment and drink specials on a weekly basis. Last Thursday Vibe presented Under the Big Top. Candied apples, cotton candy, a swing and circus acts provided a fun circus environment, but unfortunately a poor turnout.

At midnight the lights were dimmed and Sideshow Bennie did his regular sideshow amazement, with a fire show and letting folks staple money to his chest. Look closely at the background of one of those pictures and you will see a girl who had her jaw dropped his entire performance. Good stuff!

His only mistake came when he introduced himself, “I’m the biggest freak in town, unless your name is Mindy McCready.” I don’t think Bennie realized her two big protective brothers were in the room.

Brendan Benson of The Raconteurs was spotted enjoying the nights festivities. That’s not really a shocker since he is dating one of the cutie bartenders.

Speaking of Lot 7- Jeff Jarrett and Pacman Jones came by last Saturday night. Who knew those two hung out together? Anyway, Pacman wasn’t allowed access because he was underdressed. Apparently he made a bit of a scene outside the club, demanding to meet the owner.

Vince Young was also spotted hanging at Nashville’s newest trendy club last Saturday night.


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