Whitney Houston Seen in the City?

wh.jpg Hmmm…what would Whitney be doing here? Well, I got more than one tip saying she stopped in Outback Steakhouse on West End Thursday night around 8. 

Below is what one scooper tells me:  

Whitney Houston apparently came in just to get a to go order and was seated over by the restrooms on a bar stool.  Several people went up to her (including myself) and asked to get a photo with her and she brushed us all off with a rude tone and sarcastic, short remarks. 

As she was leaving, she was complaining to the management about being bothered.  She seemed quite “out there” to me…but I guess that is just her.  When you take on the role of celebrity, that is something you should expect. 

If you see anyone out and about Email Me!


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