Halloween Hasn’t Already Passed?

Every year the older kids head out the Saturday before Halloween to celebrate a night of undercover debauchery. This year however, I have already dressed up three times and Halloween isn’t until today. I’m already spent, but you must check out these three slideshow pic’s!

Festivities kicked off Friday night with Trick or Skeet at Layl’a Ultra Lounge. In the end this may have been the party of the weekend, with the most unique costumes and fun! Check out the human plastic looking Barbie, Ronald McDonald’s fabulous make-up job and Edward Scissorhands. My b.f. and I just wore wigs.

Saturday night we stopped by a couple of house parties and ultimately ended up at the big Gulch fiasco. Check out the guys from A Clockwork Orange, the unique Harry Potter couple and the scary gorilla. My b.f, and I were Bret Michaels and Heather from Rock of Love.

We stopped by City Hall and Bar 23 for the party in The Gulch late night, where some five-thousand other party goers were. Girls were scantily clad, mermaids had crazy eyes and guys just looked too pretty with eyeliner!


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