Kanye’s After Party!

Kanye West hit up the Wildhorse Saloon Friday night, after playing to a sold out crowd of nearly 10,000 fans for Vanderbilt’s homecoming. The Wildhorse Saloon has broadened its spectrum of artists this year and pulling in number 1 rapper Kanye West proves it.

Kanye arrived around one so maybe that’s why the crowd was so thin. It could have also been the fact that so many clubs mispromoted the after party. Either way, I was fortunate enough to be one of maybe a hundred at the large venue.

Kanye hung in the VIP while a few artists performed and then a fashion show took over the stage. He closed the party down around three with a brief comment on the mic.

Kanye was a true sweetheart…allowing me to snap his pic and offering for me to jump in it. Afterwards he scrolled through every pic in my camera and chatted about them, which included the Halloween fashion show, a pumpkin party, photos from The Legendary Shack Shakers show and several bad shots of his own show. Oh well!


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