LSS: The Best Band in Town!

It’s nearly impossible to describe a Legendary Shack*Shakers show, although I tried for years. When we were on the road I’d say ” They are hillbilly, rock, blues and in your face punk.” In the end– there is no way of denying they are one of the best live performance shows you will see.

JD Wilkes, front man, puts all he has into a show. If you aren’t on the front row then you missed out. However, be warned that there will be curly red body hairs ripped out from all areas of JD’s body and tossed upon the crowd. You will also likely get hit with a little spit or nasal fluid. In the end it’s worth it…if you want to rock.

When the band played Mercy Lounge in Nashville last week, some folks got the pleasure of getting plunged on the head with a used plunger. You just never know!


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