Queen of Hearts~

Lindsey Langley, also known as The Queen of Hearts (at least to her man Kil Kelley), was treated to a surprise b-day par-tay at Lot 7. The tables, birthday cake and even her big card donned the party theme. Most of the party peeps showed out in the themed colors of black and red.

Wine connoisseur Aimee Schmittendorf wrapped the party up by showing off her skills, with a fun wine tasting. Jason got the brilliant idea of chugging the wine bucket. Nasty! The party then moved to the next stop, Bar 23.

I haven’t been to 23 in some time, but the Saturday night crowd was great. The party got a little wild as the crown was passed around and everyone shook their rump. The “Chill girls” in their Santa hats were also on hand passing out free drink samples.


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