Party in the Tree house~

JT and Susan Andrews Thompson of the Andrews Agency opened the doors to their beautiful home for a fabulous Christmas party. It’s known as the tree house, as it sits on top of a steep hill surrounded by trees. There are some eight raccoons that are practically domesticated and hang out on their porch (pictured). 

Inside- a saxophone player jammed beside a one of a kind statue. The entire home is decorated with hard to find antiques and artifacts that make it feel like a museum. The tables were covered with delicious treats! There were shots of butterscotch and buttery nipples with chocolate petit fours atop each glass, fried macaroni cheese balls, coconut shrimp and so much more!

Jt is the former News Director at Channel 4, so many of the WSMV staff was on hand as well as other socialites in the community. Among those pictured- John Hardin & JT Thompson, Susan Andrews Thompson, Chanda Qualls & her new fiance, Ward Boone & his lovely wife, Jeff Ford & Molly Day, Dennis Ferrier & Michael Kilbane.


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