Rock of Love’s Jes: “I had a boyfriend the whole time.”

So I admit I love mindless TV from time to time. It’s a nice break from my daily routine. I really got into watching Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and now I’m on to Rock of Love 2.

I rooted on the winner of the first season Jes the whole time. So I was super excited when she made an appearance Friday night in Nashville at McFaddens. We chatted for awhile, but I was shocked when she told me she had a boyfriend throughout the whole show. In fact, she has for about a year and a half! “You think you really go on a show like that looking for love?” she asked. Of course I don’t, but maybe too find a dater?

Jes broke it down on the bar, poured drinks and took pic’s with everyone who asked. She stayed until the bar closed down and was super friendly. Earlier in the night the rocker chick stopped by The Trace and Cabana. She told me she loves Nashville.

Also at McFaddens for Jes’s appearance and for the tatto contest- Brooke LaBarbera & MJ Garrett (pictured) from The Real World.


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