The Freshest Twist: Lime

The doors to Nashville’s hottest new spot opened Friday night. I rushed to Lime as soon as I heard anxious to see Chris Hyndman’s latest spot and of course it didn’t disappoint! Here are some pic’s from the packed opening night.

The multi-tiered restaurant has a chic feel, with garage door sized windows allowing a nice view of town. I can almost guarantee that this will be the best spot in the Ville when it warms up. I can’t wait for those windows to roll up and we can hang outside on the large patios. There will also be an outdoor bar dedicated to mojitos and tequila drinks.

Speaking of drinks… the list of rums, tequilas, exotic liquors and fresh fruit cocktails are like none I have ever experienced. Chris must get his ideas from his world traveling. Jalapeno, ginger and soy are just a few of the unique flavors mixed within these tasty drinks. My favorite is the Coconut Passion Mojito. As if the name doesn’t already sound good, imagine the crushed pineapple and mint leaves with that coconut milk. Yum! I felt like I was on the beach in a matter of seconds! The few bites of food I tried from the modern Latin-fusion menu was also beyond delish. Check it out for yourself, it’s next door to Mojo Grill and Broadway Brewhouse.


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