12th and Porter’s bright opening

12th and Porter reopened over the weekend, with a revamped music area. Justin Roddick (pictured) and Daniel Slezinger have done an amazing job on installing a top notch lighting system. It feels like a true rock venue in there now. They also spent some time on fixing up the restrooms, which was much needed. The boys say they are far from done with the changes and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

I caught Obtuse Music‘s fan appreciation show Saturday night at there. Several hip-hop rappers kept the crowd dancing around. It was a nice change from my normal routine and those guys have talent!Kurtis Stanley (pictured) dedicated several songs to his wife who was wearing a “Kurtis Stanley is my hip-hop hero” jacket in the front row (pictured). They were too cute!My friend Micah (pictured) toasted in her birthday at midnight and then we headed over to Virago. Cheers!


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