Para-no-more (for now)…

Nashville pop-punk band Paramore has cancelled the rest of their sold out Europeun dates for personal reasons. 

Here is a portion of what the band wrote on its website:
There are a lot of internal issues that have been going on in this band for quite a while now. A lot of it started right around the time we were gearing up for the RIOT Tour in the US. We were able to fight through all of it for this long but unfortunately we weren’t able to keep it together long enough to make it through ’til the end of this tour. We really feel that taking this time is going to give us a chance to get away and work out our personal issues at home and on our own terms.

The band has since posted another blog explaining they aren’t breaking up. Here is a look:

 i just want to make it clear, though, that by posting two nights ago we weren’t saying the band was over. we posted because we are going through hard times and we felt that because we have a really good support system in you guys, our fans, it would be better for us to just be honest about what’s going on – even though, it was a pretty vague explanation

The recently Grammy nominated band is scheduled to play its next show  March 27th in Orlando.


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