When one door closes, another one opens: Layl’a

UPDATE 1/26: Chris says they will close in the Spring.

One of Nashville’s hottest spots is shutting its doors, but it’s not over yet. Layl’a Ultra Lounge has been home to Nashville’s trendy night-clubbers for about three years. A slew of stars have visited the hotspot…Nicole Kidman, Woody Harrelson, Jon Bon Jovi shot a music video there and how can we forget Justin Timberlake‘s after party!

The club plans to close its doors late next month. Owner Chris Hyndman (Virago, Lime) has elected to not renew the lease at its current 20th Avenue South location, opting for other opportunities with more space to house the ultra lounge concept. He says we can expect a larger, more progressive version of the concept to open in the midtown/gulch area in late 2008.

In the meantime, Hyndman says he plans to give his loyal Layl’a patrons an alternative with a revved up lounge club event at Virago every Friday night and a similar event at Lime every Saturday night beginning late March. The events will begin around 11pm, not to interfere with the dining business of Virago and Lime.

Hyndman says we can keep our eyes out for a few blow out closing parties at Layl’a over the next month.


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