Kilts, Leprechauns and Green Beer

Okay, so I really didn’t see any Leprechauns. I did see a slew of jolly folks wearing green.

I started my St. Patrick’s day festivities early at McFaddens “St. Patty’s Fest.” The bar employees fenced off part of Broadway for it’s block party. Motorcross activities (pictured) started at 4 in the afternoon and the crowd was already sipping green beer.

Next stop- Jimmy Kelly’s for some fine steak dining. Music filled the patio, as two kilt wearing men brought bagpipes and drums throughout the restaurant. Our party of 13 made quite the ruckus. Good times!

Finally, we made it to the Eastside pub crawl. It wasn’t nearly as crowded as usual, but maybe we got there too late. We only made it to two spots- Three Crow Bar and Beyond the Edge. Festivities wrapped up much earlier than expected and I was off to bed around Midnight. My clover tattoos held on to my skin for a few extra days though (thanks Jackie)!


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