Stepped out of the city~

I just returned from visiting my sister in Los Angeles. The trip was a wonderful birthday present! Yes, I realize there are WAY too many pic’s of myself.

I absolutely loved laying on the beach, watching everyone workout by the Santa Monica pier, the crazies on the Venice beach boardwalk and all the deelish food. (You can tell from the pic’s that we overindulged!)One of my favorite spots was Diddy Reese. The line was similar to Pancake Pantry, but faster. Everyone wanted a piece of that ice cream surrounded by cookies. Yes, they were the best ice-cream sandwiches ever and super soft.We checked out Ketchup the first night, my sis says that’s Ashton Kutcher‘s place it was good and we were off to Geisha House the next night. The two-leveled red fireplace was cool and we had to take pic’s in front of the Geisha lips.

I met up with two of my high school buds while I was there, Eddie and Kashi. We hit the town my last night, along with my girl Erika. First we went to Lubitsch (a Russian bar) that I really dug. It was relatively small with a cool DJ in the back spinning old school. Then we went to a club, which was fine. The music is played so much louder in the clubs there compared to the Ville. Everyone moves. Somehow I was able to use my VIP powers to skip the line and get us in free. The best part of the night was the bacon wrapped hot dog from the man on the street. Yum!

Speaking of clubs, I took my sister to see her first band in a club or music venue. I ran into The Lost Trailers who happened to be in LA producing an album for Airplane (lead singer pictured). So we checked out their show at the Knitting Factory.

I also checked out Pink Berry (the latest rage in frozen treats), which I thought was overrated…I’m just not into the plain yogurt flavor.The Griddle House and Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n Waffles(2 of my fav’s) pulled through as always.

Don’t worry I brought my hoop and we hiked Runyon-Canyon. It was up Mulholland Drive and at the top we looked out over the city. Gorgeous!

We also checked out the musical Wicked, which was absolutely amazing. We even hung out back and snapped pic’s with Glenda the good witch and her love (pictured).
I already miss my sis and I’m ready to go back!


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