City Hall is closing, Urban Outfitters to open~

No! I love City Hall. I have seen so many great shows at the Music Venue. Ray LaMontagne, Beck, and the Raconteurs are among those that have played The Gulch venue. Now Urban Outfitters will be taking it’s place.

MarketStreet Enterprises, owner of the building leased to City Hall, approached City Hall owners Austin Ray and Benjamin Goldberg about vacating their lease early. Ray and Goldberg accepted the offer, and will look to establish a similar venue elsewhere in Nashville.

“Benjamin and I are especially grateful to everyone who has enjoyed a show at City Hall,” said co-owner Austin Ray. “Nashville has such a passion for live music, and we are immensely thankful we were able to bring that experience to so many.”

City Hall will close its doors September 17th.

“We are gearing up for a very busy summer of shows at City Hall—right up to the end of our lease in The Gulch,” Goldberg said.

Ray and Goldberg also own the trendy nightclub Bar Twenty3.

Developers say the retail store will open early 2009.


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