Twirling Tassels~

The tassels were twirling over the weekend as the fine folks of Music City Burlesque teased a sold-out crowd at the Belcourt Theatre. Rocker Jack white and his supermodel wife Karen Elson were among those that took in the eye candy. “Little” Jack from The Raconteurs was also in attendance.

A gaggle of gorgeous gals impressed me with a slew of creative burlesque numbers. Monique Honeybush kicked things off, while Vera Va Voom and Belle Bombshell were among those that followed with plenty of treats for the crowd.

Miss Lolly Pop blew me away with her performance to Start Wearing Purple. Her energy and seductive moves made the performance a show stopper. In fact, I woke up the next day with that song running through my head.

Sadie Twist may have stole the show with her hip-shakin’ moves. Dressed in red, Sadie moved the hula hoop so fast at times that it looked like LED lights were in it. At the end of the show Jack White and Karen Elson took time to congratulate Sadie Twist on her phenomenal performance. Elson herself was once a Hooprama student.

One of the most disturbing yet brilliant acts was that of Lux-o-Matic. Dressed in a flowing white gown Lux-O-Matic was able to transform her sweet moves to Mr. Sandman into a dirty dancing dark masked devil breaking it down to Metallica‘s Enter Sandman .

The mistress of ceremonies, Bianca Page made the usual vulgar yet hilarious jokes. Kicky LaRue closed things out in a cute clown costume accompanied by a red radio flyer wagon.

Audience members were able to join in on the fun several times throughout the show. The enigmatical prize wheel allowed winners to walk away with prizes such as a can of spam or a meal from Monique Honeybush’s I Dream of Weenie.

The official after party was held at Bar 23. That’s where I broke out the hula hoop for all the lovely ladies & gents to play.


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