Cinco, cinco, cinco

I always sing some “Cinco, Cinco, Cinco De Mayo” song on May 5th. I’m starting to wonder if I made it up…Anyway, this year Agave really did celebrate the occasion more than once, with four days of nonstop festivities. The Tequila bar and restaurant in The Gulch kicked the party off Friday and it continued through the weekend, leading up to Monday night.

The folks of fenced off the parking lot and featured various carnival games, barbeque and festivities throughout the weekend. A rowdy crowd came out Saturday night for Lucha libre AKA Mexican wrestling with mask. Even the minis jumped into the fighting ring.

Monday more than two thousand partygoers showed out as the San Rafael Band with Rachel Rodriguez performed on the big stage. The music was cut short and the door cut off after a little cat-fight. Another lady punched an owner’s sister in the eye.

Among those pictured- David Chase with Ross Schilling (owner) and TNA’s Jeff Jarrett, 12th and Porter’s Daniel Slezinger with Country singer Mindy McCready and her documentary cameraman, Eric Volz and his longtime pal Sam with Micah Stover, Great Big Show’s Rick Whetsel, Birthday boy DJ Lunchbox, Tim McCready and his girl, Josh Macer and Jonathan Carey, John Hardin and Scott Sherrill and Layla Ellis working the bar.minislittle people


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