Hoopin’ the half!

After months of training Team Hooprama completed the half Country Music Marathon with hula hoops around our hips. It took us just over three and a half hours, not too bad for hula hooping. It was a great sense of accomplishment and we are already talking about next year.

I want to thank all of the thousands of folks that lined the streets in support of the marathoners. It is amazing how much their support pushed me to the finish line. I have a special thank you for my dad (pictured) and my sister Summer (pictured) who kept me hydrated. Of course I couldn’t have made it without my mom’s training and Sunny of Hooprama for making me a hoop addict.

Hopefully we helped spread the word to cancer survivors about Hooping for Hope.

Pictured in the group shot in order- Adele Simons, Adrianne Murray, Yvonne Richards, Sunny Becks, Sadhma Williams, Rebecca Monday, Angela Morris, Stephanie Langston (me) and Ciona Rouse. Way to go ladies!


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