Manuel’s mountain party!

The legendary cowboy courtier designer Manuel opened the ground of his “mountain” yet again for a big ole 76th birthday celebration. I think this may be the fifth Manuel’s mountain party I attended. This year I noticed that I even made the picture collage in his bathroom. Yay!

Every year the party seems to get bigger. It featured the norm- my favorite little shot glass (a souvenir I make sure to pick up every year), a slew of bands, a dance floor, open bar and plenty of food. Sounds perfect, eh? New additions were a little tiki style bar and a roasted pig head. Yum yum!

Among those pictured- Stephanie Langston (me), Manuel (b-day boy) & Micah Stover, George & Manny (Manuel’s son), Janet from Chicago & Rosie Flores, Harvey Freeman with the pig head, Beu Nenza & Christopher Burkahardt, Joshua Black Wilkins and his guitar, Designer Nina D and Phillip Rupp in his eye-catching get-up.


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