M.I.A.’s DJ warmed up the young rowdy crowd with old school tunes like Poison and Push It before she took the stage at City Hall. The energy felt like it was going to spill out over the little fence dividing the media from the fans, many were wearing the latest American Apparel get-ups.

The alt hip-hop artist was almost “missing in action” from the Nashville show. Maya announced that she almost skipped the show and headed back to London. She also boasted that she didn’t do a sound check. Maybe next time she will, because go figure- there were sound problems throughout the first half of the show. Maya wasn’t afraid to express how frustrated she was about it over the mic. She also showed her enthusiasm by telling us she was wearing her pajamas. Not sure why she was so grumpy, but her energy eventually changed for the better.

The show kicked off with the famous campaign speech of Kouichi Touyama, who ran for the governor of Tokyo recently. He spoke about how useless elections are, saying the majority will always win. Some audience members booed, but most cheered. Video of third-world images, palm trees and cartoon machine guns played throughout the rest of her set.

I was excited when she covered The Pixies tune Where is My Mind. However, the real excitement came when she asked for the girls to help out. At that point Maya pulled dozens of folks up on stage for a dance party. She broke it down in the middle of all of the fans, many were shocked and flashing pic’s while dancing beside her.

Then she tried out crowd surfing, but not for long…maybe because she jumped out practically on top of me. Her energy continued on with a little humping of the speakers and wrapped up with my fav song Paper Planes.


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