Against Me!, Aimee Mann and more ‘Roo

I made my way through the sweaty Bonnaroo crowd Saturday afternoon to catch Against Me! (pictured). I mainly wanted to see the bass palyer, Andrew Seward. He once had a radio show at MTSU known as Red Rambler Mornings, in which I often made appearances.I had no idea that I’d fall in love with the band. Nor did I know that crowd-surfing bodies would be flying over me at 2 in the afternoon. It was one of my highlights from the weekend.

I wanted to stick around Sunday, but the heat and lack of rest got the best of me. I did however, get to see Aimee Mann (pictured), Pat Green (pictured) and Jerry from O.A.R. (pictured) at the press conference. I’m a huge fan of Aimme Mann so my day was complete.

Below are random pic’s from my Bonnaroo journey. We stopped by the Funny Or Die comedy tent, which was a nice place to cool off and giggle. We also stopped by the sideshow tent, where folks looked puzzled as they stared at the performers. Lupe Fiasco & Chromeo were two of my fav performances. We also shook our stuff on the light up floor over at the Discotheque Arcade. Karaoke Bay let festival goers be the star on the mic with a live band backing them up. Several artists even stopped in and performed.

De Novo Dahl (pictured) was among those mulling about the hot fields. The band passed out flyers in their cute little striped PJ’s.

This should be the last of my pic’s from Bonnaroo 2008. Hope I make it to next year.


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