Happy Valley 3!

I don’t know what it is about Happy Valley that makes me…well, so darn happy. Honestly, electro music is not my first choice when it comes to genres, but something about Happy Valley makes me want to dance (or hoop) all night long. I do love the DJ’s though- Mindub, Sanchez and the Shockers and Keno. It may be that the club owners and party promoters have love for my sparkly hula hoop or maybe I just love the view of downtown Nashville from the outside patio… I love it.

Among those pictured- Eric Volz & Andy Cheatham, Sanchez and the Shockers, J. Sylvan & pals, some gal taking a nap (dreaming happy things, I’m sure) on Brooklyn Byrd, Party throwers Maris Hickey & Jim O’Shea, Joey Modus (DJ) and so many more happy faces!

It’s always fun to take pic’s with their camera guy as well. Below are me and the girls goofing off. You can check out more Happy Valley photos HERE! I have attended all three Happy Valley’s at Aerial and can’t wait until next month’s party!


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