Most memorable Memorial Day~

Some fifteen of my closest pals packed up and headed out to Dale Hollow Lake for Memorial Day weekend. We all snuggled up in a double cabin at Eagle Cove. There was the beautiful lake, a ski boat, two hot tubs and a lump of sand known as “the beach.”

The double inner tube was my favorite activity, but my body got beat up so badly that I could hardly move the following day (I must be getting old).

We held nightly bonfires up the gravel drive in an area surrounded in part by trees and a large rock wall. It was fun to make shadow animals on.

There was a “hoop-off,” of sorts, where Morgan worked the hoop around her knees and Maris realized she had hoop skills as well. Meantime- Sean, Marrah and John spit lyrics, while other toasted marshmallows for s’mores. Good times!

This may the first Memorial Day weekend, in my adulthood life, that I will always remember. Thanks friends.


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