Pearl Jam, Kanye fans wait for more than 10 hours~

Day two of Roo: these Bonnaroonies are known as super fans!
Check out the video!

Some Pearl Jam fans got an early treat Saturday night. Eddie Vedder joined Jack Jackson for the song Constellations. It really was beautiful.

The Pearl Jam fan I interviewed said his wait paid off. Steve Harlan said he made it to the front row center and that Eddie even came down during Crazy Mary and shook his hand. Here are some pic’s he caught.

Sadly, Kanye West wasn’t so impressive. I waited three hours to see his glow in the dark show (which turned out to be a glow in the light show), but eventually gave up. The show started after 4:30 in the morning, more than two hours late. A screen kept the crowd update on the new postponed times, receiving boo’s and a shift in the crowd every time it popped up. There were even a few f**k Kanye chants for a while. It appeared a though the stage crew was having a difficult time setting up his fancy stage. Bonnaroo officials said it was his normal working crew, so I’m not sure what the issue was.

Despite thousands giving up and leaving, he still had a good turnout of obviously dedicated fans. News 2 photog Ray Arzate was one of them. He staked his spot near the front for hours and never gave-up. Ray said a glow stick stuck one of Kanye’s monitors, taking out a strip of LED lights and leaving glow stuff across the screen. After all that he played for less than an hour. Of course the sun did rise during his set.Unfortunately, he never apologized or addressed the crowd. Bonnaroo heads didn’t feel it necessary to make an official comment, but assured me they have never had an experience like it in the 7 years of Bonnaroo history. Yup Kanye made his mark, the following day negative Kanye graffiti painted Bonnaroo walls.

Needless to say he was all the buzz the following day in the press room. Some folks said Kanye even made other musicians stop performing. Phil Lesh was among those that apparently cut his set short for the rapper.


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