A soot covered 4th!

This 4th of July I scored a spot on the roof of what had to be one of the nicest pads downtown (thanks to my pal Heather). It definitely had one of the best viewing areas for the downtown fireworks. We were several stories in the sky, practically in front of the Nashville Symphony, as fireworks (at least the soot) fell on her heads.

Gary Bowie and Melody Malloy opened the doors to their 2nd Ave. penthouse in the Market Street Emporium. The loft had an awesome 2-story glass dance floor with carnival mirrors. We took full advantage of the clear floor with a silly thirty-minute photo shoot. DJ Mindub provided the ear candy.

Down below, more than 100,000 folks gathered on the lawn of the Riverfront Park. People from all over the country came downtown some 12 hours early to mark their spot. I was live (on TV) downtown with the intention of talking with all the early birds, but my story changed after someone stole 5 of the night’s fireworks. However, the thieves didn’t stop the amazing light show. The Lost Trailers, Phil Vassar and Michael McDonald were among the evening’s performers.

Among those pictured- Heather Byrd, Mark Solesby, Stephanie Langston (me), Micah Stover, Anastasia Arden-Maccabee & Shawn Shepherd, Kevin AKA “Big Kev” & Hilary Williams, John Hardin, Chip Greene, Melody Malloy, Gary Bowie and so many more festive folks!


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