ALL ages punk show leads to wanted Shack*Shaker~

I went to Rocketown for the first and possibly last time Friday. Playing the bill was three of my favorite bands- Hillbilly Casino, Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers and Rancid.The first thing I noticed when I walked in was a sign- no lighters, no medications, no smokes. I understand it’s a Christian facility, but the folks that are adults can surely have chapstick in their pockets. Yeah, chapstick. Apparently, you can’t have chapstick at Rocketown because there is medication in it? You never know just how dangerous that stuff can be at a show.

Anyway, I proceeded on to get strictly searched by security and was told I couldn’t reenter the facility. There was not even a bar with sodas, only a bucket of $2 water. Quite ridiculous if you ask me.

I was stoked to continue showing my support for Th’ Shack Shakers and to see what Duane Denison was going to bring to the table. Sadly, the vocals were too low and I couldn’t really here anything JD was saying. I hate to watch a band give its best and it suck because of nothing they can control.

Apparently, JD showed part of his private parts on stage (not sure how I missed that). Surprising? No. After the show he was hiding from security. What is surprising though it that there is now a warrant out for his arrest. 

The sound troubles were all cleared up for Rancid. The guys came out and busted straight into Fall Back Down. The all-aged crowd chanted right along. Rancid continued to rock right along playing several of their old classics. I heard the merch guy griping about how it was the worse show he’s ever been to, because of the venue. In punk rock lingo, he was threatening to kill himself it was so bad.

Sadly I missed Hillbilly Casino, but caught lead singer Nic Roulette and his gal Jenny Rebel hanging in the rock van outside (pictured). Check out the band’s new CD 3 Step Windup, it’s apparently getting love everywhere except here in Nashville. Come on people!

It was strange, in a Bonnaroo kind of way, to see so many kids at the show. There were kids as young as 5 getting their ears jammed full of punk and their eyes full of the parts babies are made of. Ronnie Crutcher of Hillbilly Casino (pictured) was among those that brought out the family for the rock show. Also pictured- plenty of black leather jackets and neon mohawks.


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