Shack*Shaker: “didn’t mean to offend”

When I called JD Wilkes of Th’ Legendary Shack*Shakers last week he was unaware that there is a warrant out for his arrest, after the recent incident at Rocketown

JD said he actually went to police Saturday, the following day of the show, to see if there were any charges. According to JD police said he was all clear. So he hit the road for the bands tour. Police tell me the warrant must have not been processed yet.

Here is the statement JD released to me on behalf of the incident:
The Legendary Shack Shakers apologize if Rocketown found the nature of our show to be offensive.
Any onstage antics were meant in humor and were definitely not premeditated to offend.
We are not anti-religious and in fact I’m a married Christian believer.

On a side note- Rocketown officials say they screen all bands that perform there by looking at its website and sampling music. That’s interesting, because If you go to the LSS’s website you will see their site says “The Devils music straight from hell.”

What about the list of other bands that have performed there… Rancid? Social Distortion? You think they were “screened?”


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