The Thirth on the East Side~

Is it ever too early to start celebrating the 4th of July? I don’t think so- cookouts, fireworks and just good summer fun. This year hundreds of people came out Thursday for Chris Thompson’s 3rd Annual Thirth Party in East Nashville.

The block party featured performances by Music City Burlesque (pictured), Off the Wagon, Tom Yarbrough and the Broadcasters and The Jack Silverman Ordeal (pictured). One lovely lady was nice enough to bring a bundle of hula-hoops, which were a hit for hip shakers in between acts.

The $10 donation at the gate supported the Adventure Science Center and included all you could drink beer (if you could make it through the long line). Fortunately, we brought our own drinks.

The weather was nice and the spirits high. The Thirth is a party that I will go ahead and mark on my calendar for next year.

Among those pictured- Niko Gehrke & Kevin Robertson, the cute Roller Derby gals, Keith Parack, Shana Brogden & The City Paper’s Richard Lawson, Matt Gale, Jamie & Jennifer Justus


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