Broadway players take a break from the bar~

I was recently invited out on the lake with the band Jypsi. The sisters were all there, along with several other Broadway players. It was nice… I didn’t know these folks took a break from the honky-tonks.

We had a large pontoon boat with a slide, intertube and a grill. It was a beautiful day and the water was perfect.

Fiddle player Amber-Dawn was just as exciting to watch at the lake as she is on the stage. She sported a hot pink swimsuit (some of the time anyway) that matched her freshly died hot pink hair. The girl didn’t care if the boat was moving or stopped… diving, climbing, cooking, swimming she was carelessly having the time of her life. Rock on.

Rockabilly queen Rosie Flores, who was in town to play The Basement, also made it out for the fun festivities.


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