I am a fair addict…

It’s true; I am slightly obsessed with the fair. What is there not to love… freak shows, carnies, people watching, rides, lights… oh and did I mention food? The Wilson County fair is hands down the best fair I have ever been to. I LOVE it! I go every year and this year I went five times (I know, but 4 were for work).

Lee Holyfield, Melanie Barone, sheep shower Charlie Skillington, Aimee, Britt Johnson, Elisa Enger and Cote Adams all joined me in the fair festivities.

Some of the highlights- Aimee riding the bull and getting hypnotized, watching the fireworks while riding the Ferris Wheel, The Crazy Mouse and eating fried snickers, fried Oreos, chicken on a stick, traveling tacos, corndogs, Italian sausage, and sipping fresh squeezed sugary lemonade. Yeah we went overboard, but it was yummy.

We walked around Fiddler’s Grove and checked out broom makers, leather makers, old school pharmacies and a doctor’s office. We also watched Gus and his Guitar (pictured) trick one person after another. He was staged as a robot, but he was actually real. We even had a celebrity sighting (for a fair anyway)- we ran into this years Fairest of the Fair winner (pictured).

Don’t think for a second I have had my fair fill, now it’s time for the Cheatham County Fair and the Tennessee State Fair. Yay!


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