Before it gets cold, hit the lake

Before the weather completely changes, I need to post these pic’s from Labor Day weekend. It was only appropriate that my group of pals hit the lake as summer comes to an end. After all, we kicked the summer off with a lake house trip on Memorial Day and I haven’t really been back since (because I work the weekends).

This time we stayed at the lovely home of the Freeman’s on Old Hickory Lake. In tow- Micah Stover, John Hardin, Stephanie Langston (that’s me), Shaun Bertand, Harvey Freeman and Lauren Van Sant.

We hit two-foot (which was packed as always), my pals demonstrated the three man stance and we did lots of tubing. I realized that I am getting old after the tube left me struggling to walk. I sure don’t remember it having that impact on me as a kid. I also got a nice bruised chin (pictured). Despite the wounds the trip was a blast.

I’ll take this time to tell you how sad I am to see the summer come to an end. I can’t stand the cold. : (


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