Hermitage Hotel has best bathroom in America, eh?

Yes, it is true. The mens restroom inside the five-star Hermitage Hotel here in Music City was just nominated as America’s best from the Cintas Corporation.

Bathrooms inside restaurants, hotels and casinos were among the finalists selected based on hygiene, style and open access to the public. Votes were cast online for the 7th annual awards and Nashville came out on top. So my pals and I decided to check it out for ourselves and have a little photo session inside. Among those pictured- Jessica Acuna, Christian, Jeff Newhouse, Micah Stover, Shaun, John Hardin and Stephanie Langston (me).

The men’s bathroom is just outside the Oak Bar on the hotel’s lower level. It was designed in 1910 to symbolize Nashville’s emergence as a major Southern city. The Art Deco restroom, features lime green and black tiles, lime green fixtures and urinals, a terrazzo floor and a shoeshine station. We had a blast utilizing them all! I say this bathroom deserves it.

According to hotel officials, the restroom has been the setting for music videos, business and political negotiations, and even wedding photos.

The Cintas Corporation created the Best Restroom Award in 2001. 21C Museum in Louisville, KY, Brio in Rockford, IL, The Signature Room at the 95th in Chicago and Smith College Museum of Art in Massachusetts were this years other top nominees.

The ladies even got a few shots applying makeup (or pretending to) in the women’s restroom.


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