Mindy McCready to finish serving time & continue shooting reality show

Photobucket Country singer Mindy McCready touched down in Nashville Monday afternoon after spending time with her son Zander in Florida. Mindy just finished having her “last super,” before surrendering to Williamson County authorities Tuesday morning, when we talked.

The singer tells me she will be serving 30 days in jail for violating probation on a previous drug-related charge. Mindy was originally convicted of prescription drug fraud in 2004 and placed on parole.

In 2007, she spent time in jail for parole violation, and in June this year she was charged again with violating her probation by falsifying community service records.

Mindy tells me she wasn’t able to complete her community service because of the state’s time stipulations and guidelines.

“No one could have done it and held a normal job,” Mindy explained to me over the phone.

She says after serving this time she will be done with her legal troubles in Tennessee.

Mindy entered a Texas rehab in July of this year. She tells me she didn’t go for drugs or alcohol, but rather to collect her thoughts on a recent relationship and miscarriage.

Mindy says she is ready to get all of the legal troubles behind her and move forward with her career, which includes wrapping up shooting a reality show in LA.

I know she has had a rough time and I wish her nothing but the best of luck.


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