Not everyone is happy at Happy Valley…

What can I say about the monthly Happy Valley bash at Aerial that I haven’t already? If you are a Stephinthecity regular reader, then you know it’s my favorite time of the month… I love the music, the photo area, the people and the fact that I can hula hoop.

This month was more unique in the fact that there was almost a serious fight over someone saying another persons jacket was from Express. Seriously? Really… how old are we? Fortunately, the staff was close by and everything ended peacefully.

We also had two random guest in our group- recent Nashville transplant & musician Shawn Allen and New York lawyer Jeff Newhouse. One of my best friends from elementary school, Mary Abolfazli, and her family also joined in on the night’s festivities. That was an extra special treat.
Until next month- be happy!

Check out more crazy props & pics HERE! from Kinsburyfilm.


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