Credentialed: Debate 08 at Belmont

Hi I’m Stephanie Langston and I am credentialed. I have covered a slew of special events on TV and for this blog, but I have never taken a picture of my credentials. Let today be the first, in my 6 plus years of being in the business.

I am one of only 3,000 people credentialed for Belmont University’s Town Hall Presidential Debate Tuesday. I picked up my polypropylene bag that is made of recycled materials and pictured above are just a few of my goodies that were inside… a hatch show print, Debate 08 T-shirt & water and sweets representing Tennessee like Goo Goos & Tennessee T-Cakes.

My Electronic Press Kit (press releases, contact lists, etc) is on a one-gigabyte flash drive (love it) and the Debate 08 tag is hand-made seed paper, which can be planted like normal seeds. Yeah, it’s weird, but cool.

John McCain and Barack Obama square off in the debate moderated by NBC’s Tom Brokaw for the second of three debates between the candidates here in Music City. This is exciting and I’m honored to be part of it.


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