Vandy brings the best for homecoming: Lil’ Wayne & Lupe Fiasco

Over the past few years, Vanderbilt University has been bringing in the top rappers & performers for homecoming and this year was no different. Kanye West was the guest last year and this year it was Lil’ Wayne that brought the juice to Memorial Gymnasium for the Commodore Quake. Wayne just so happens to currently be the biggest rapper in the world.

Before the lil’ guy known by most for his song “Lollipop” performed, Lupe Fiasco & his sidekick Bishop G hit the stage in front of the sold out crowd. They launched into “Kick, Push” first and a slew of my favorite songs soon followed, like “Sunshine” and “Superstar.” The performance was full of energy and even a somersault.

At one point Lupe addressed the Presidential election saying “Obama is a vote for the future,” and that a “vote for McCain is a vote for the past.” He then segued into “Daydream.” My only disappointment was that the female vocals were tracked.

His set ended abruptly before Lil’ Wayne came on stage with an entourage, which local rap superstar Young Buck was part of. Wayne launched into “Mr. Carter” and the crowd went wild. He continued to rap along with pre-recorded tracks and at one point he also touched on the Presidential election.

My front row stance was priceless, especially since there seemed to be an abundance of underage drinkers at the show. At one point I explored a suite and spotted several Titans singing along with the multi-platinum rapper. Cortland Finnegan was one that seemed to know every word.

Who will come to Vandy next year? My vote is for Beastie Boys.


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