Girl Talk show cut short after Cannery stage breaks~

Things got wild at the Cannery Ballroom Thursday night, after the sold-out crowd at Girl Talk was invited to dance on stage. The rowdy crowd eventually led the stage to sink and bust a water pipe.

During the show, Gregg Gillis of Girl Talk was buried among the stage dancers with his laptop. Not far into the show the lights came up and security ushered some fans off stage, but it was obviously not enough.

Greg’s set was later cut short when the house lights came back up and his music cut. Apparently, his set was almost done. A voice over the microphone announced that everyone had to leave and that there was an emergency. That’s when my group noticed the broken stage with water spraying up on it. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Greg tried to address the crowd from stage for some time, but his microphone was turned down. That’s when the performer came out to the floor to mingle and explain what happened to fans.

Greg signed autographs, took photos and told me “That was a great show, it was the first show of the tour that’s been shut down. If a show only lasted 30 seconds it would be the best show.”

I have to admit it was one heck of a party, although I felt like the oldest person in the room.

Toilet paper, confetti, glow sticks and other trinkets were left behind from the mostly underage crowd dressed in eighties gear.

Things were a bit calmer at the official after party, upstairs at Mercy Lounge, where Jensen Sportag held their Club Sportag series: Boy Talk. There the crowd still mustered up the energy to dance to the beats of Jensen Sportag and Justin Kase.


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