Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman come out for #1 party~

Nashville’s favorite couple, Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman came out to BMI to celebrate and honor the trio of songwriters behind his hit song “You Look Good In My Shirt” Monday afternoon. Keith showed up a bit late for the party full of Music City’s movers and shakers. Once he took the podium Keith explained that he was sorry for being late, that he had been working in the studio.

He stood among the crowd, sipping on a glass of white wine a wine glass with something clear ice water in it beside his superstar wife while those behind the song were honored including, new Songwriters Hall of Fame member Tom Shapiro, Mark Nelser and Tony Martin.

Afterward, Nicole was nice enough to pose for loads of pictures with fans. She looked gorgeous with her hair pulled up (as usual), black skinny jeans, black flats and a black sweater.

Keith thanked Nicole on the microphone, proclaiming the award was for both of them “and you do look good in my shirt… or without it,” Keith giggled.

UPDATE: I have confirmed that Keith was drinking ice water. I honestly didn’t think anything about it when I posted it, but now we all know. Again, I meant no disrespect.


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