Annual Dir-tay Santa Party~

My pals Stretch and Ray recently held their 4th annual dirty Santa party. Usually only one person brings a “real” dirty gift. His choice of gifts from the past have included items like The Accommodator, beads that go in private areas and… well you get the idea. This year the gift from Hustler made it in the tights of a lady that shall remain unnamed. Oh what a sight!

I noticed more people did step away from the traditional gifts and gave some dirty, crappy and random ones. Really that’s what the game is all about. I laughed so hard my head hurt. I liked Stephanie Foster’s gift, a framed picture of her and the b.f. Little did anyone know money was tucked inside the frame. Clever! Other unique gifts included a pair of “Jingle Jugs” ready to hang on the wall, a clapper and a creepy stuffed monkey that talks. No doubt, the hottest item was liquor. Good times!


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