Still Rollin’ at Brentwood Skate Center

My pal Marrah Florita celebrated the beginning of the end of her 20′s by rollin’ old school at Brentwood Skate Center. Oh yeah! Who didn’t have a skate party there back in the day? I still remember my 10th birthday when all the girls wore skirts that were attached to matching leggings. Good times!

Well, it hasn’t changed a bit! Same crazy carpet, lockers, birthday buckets, Skee Ball, couples skate and making out behind the arcade games. The contents in the vending machine have been tweaked a bit. Now it’s filled with glow sticks, Kanye’s Shutter Shades and mouthpieces AKA “grills.”

Some of our pals showed up in sweatbands and tube socks. John even rocked a 70′s porn stache and his classic “wolf shirt.” The sad part is that most all of us were sore. Yeah- we may be old, but we don’t act like it.


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