Turkey leads club goers to strip!!!

I’m not sure how you feel after eating a big ole Thanksgiving meal, but I usually just want to get under the covers and take a nap. That was far from the case for some festive partiers last weekend- who decided to show off their goods. Warning: if you are easily offended you may not want to continue reading.

First, I went to Blue Bar to visit with some of my old school “sows.” We were on the dance floor watching this girl shake her moneymaker, when she started undoing her pants. Next thing we knew, she had taken off her pants and taken over the center of the dance floor where she gyrated her booty like there was no tomorrow. Fortunately she had underclothes on. I couldn’t believe it. In all my years of going to clubs… clubs in Panama City, Vegas, London, New York, etc. I have never seen anyone drop their pants like that. I soon learned the stripping sightings were just beginning.

Next stop- Happy Valley at Aerial. My favorite stop of the month was packed for Jensen Sportag’s CD release party. I eventually mustered up the spirit to pull out my hula hoops, which led to a hoop off of sorts, but one guy really took the cake when he not only took off his jeans, but his underwear. Uh yeah- he hooped for a while with his area flopping on my hoop. Dozens of people stood around in shock, until he was kicked out.

I’m not sure what was in the turkey that these folks ate that led them to feel compelled to take it all off, but it made for a memorable night.

I enjoyed seeing all of my high school and college buds. Among those pictured- Amy Cotten, Chrisi Harper & Joel Wilson, birthday boy Raymond McNally, Colleen Phelen, Kate Gibson, Stephanie Langston (me), Melanie Barone & Erin Clymer, Mary Abolfazli, Ali Frazmand & family, Lucas Ketner, Ian Wolczyk and their lovely ladies, birthday boy Ryan Douglas with Walker Shell, DJ Mindub, Max Goldberg and Sheg Aranmolate.


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