New downtown spot: Karma

It seems as though I hear of another restaurant or bar shutting it’s doors daily; Alleycat Lounge, Radius 10 and T’s Tuscan Bar & Grill are recent victims. However, there are several new places that continue to spring open. Recently I checked out Karma, the new club that took over the Sky Lounge above Cadillac Ranch. It’s one of those spots that make you say, “I don’t feel like I’m in Nashville,” with a Layl’a Rul meets Fuse vibe.

The new renovations lend a sexy vibe with sleek decor, with large photographs on the walls, a VIP lounge and scantily clad girls dancing on stage.

A few familiar faces filled the crowd opening weekend, but then again there were more clubbers than I’m used to seeing out. If you’re looking for something new downtown it’s definitely worth checking out.

Souri, the proprietor of Karma, is among those pictured.

Next up on my “new spots to check out” list- Cha Cha and Urban Flats Flatbread & Wine Co.


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