“Free Rides” at mustache bash~

I randomly ended up at a party where I knew no one last Thursday night. The creepy part was that everyone had mustaches. So maybe I did know some peeps after all, but I sure didn’t recognize them. There were handlebar staches, Fu Manchu Mustaches, Walrus staches, Pencil Thin Mustaches, Chaplin staches and even finger, ear and nose mustaches.

Derek Pell (apparently a fiddle player for Ray Price and Willie Nelson) ended up being the party thrower. He made sure there was signage, along with an official Mustache Rider (pictured). It wasn’t long before I was welcomed to the group with a stache of my own, “The Burt Reynolds mustache.”

I actually grew to like my hairy friend, except it itched and occasionally a few hairs flew in my drink. However, that didn’t stop my stached girls from rockin’ the lip hair at Melrose Neighborhood Pub. My fav lines for the evening, “I just died it tonight” and “You know you want a mustache ride.” Yeah, the stache got the best of me and we had good times.

I highly suggest throwing a mustache party of your own or sporting a mustache (ladies) out on the town for a random night if silliness.


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