Robert Plant lives down the street?

There has been an abundance of Robert Plant sightings coming in my in-box. He’s been spotted everywhere from the Green Hills Mall to Rippy’s downtown. One may ask, “Why?” Well, apparently he lives near Belmont & Hillsboro Village! Yup, one of my readers says that Plant lives just down the way from singer Emerson Hart and myself. Sweet! This may be old news, but it sure is news to me.

A snippet from Wikipedia on Plant: In 2003, Rolling Stone magazine named him as number 15 on their list of the 100 Greatest Singers of All-Time.

While I’m on the topic of celeb sightings- James Marsden was spotted at the Loveless Barn opening. My friends say the actor was just as friendly as could be.

I love Nashville. Keep the tips coming- email me HERE!!!


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